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The Inner Evolution Program





Ben is a high energy and very passionate facilitator, he is also very generous and will make no compromises on giving you the absolute best he can! As a self discovery facilitator myself all I can say is Ben’s professionalism is highly recommend. Working with Ben has been a pleasure!
A few weeks ago I attended the awakened man retreat with Ben. It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for Ben to have held this gathering of men. We learned tools and techniques for creating awareness and getting clear on our values. We did yoga together and shared food. But the most beautiful thing was the space held for one another within the group. Through connections made and stories told, I feel that we all had a profound effect on one another. Thank you for your guidance and for facilitating this event and I hope to see you at the next one !
I always thought that growing as a person meant breaking down the walls I have spent so many years building. Going on retreat with Empowered Academy has led me to discover that my walls have doors! I can explore those walls, finding the doors that lead to my own secret garden. Workshops that broke open my heart and filled it with more love I had ever dreamed of, exploring the magnificent Magnetic Island and meeting a bunch of incredible souls. Ben and Anna – I will be forever grateful for the friendships forged and memories created on retreat with you. The passion you have for growth and holding space for others to grow is phenomenal

I recently participated in the 8 day immersion NLP program facilitated by Ben Clarke & #EmpoweredAcademy and I have to say it was epic, engaging and inspiring! The program was not what I expected in the ‘usual training’ style approach as Ben’s coaching style helps to dissolved your own limiting beliefs, motivates you and helps build your knowledge and confidence quickly to become an NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Coach. I highly recommend Ben Clarke and #eEmpoweredAcademy programs if you need help and motivation to reach your highest potential and to break free from your perceived problems that are holding you back. This recommendation comes with a warning though………. Your life will never be the same again, once you’ve attended an #EmpoweredAcademy program, so be prepared to change 😊!!!


Four and a half years ago I met Ben Clarke. In the time I have known him my life has been transformational to say the least. Every year has been a level up. From assisting with improvements in my relationship to becoming sustainably self employed,to evolving my business in unique ways that have set me apart in my industry an given me flexibility and room for growth. I have just attended the 8day immersions for NLP practitioner training and know now deeply with in my self that this will only evolve me and my work to greater levels enabling me to contribute even more with in my community. If you are thinking about jumping in on any of the wonderful services that empowered academy offers, I highly recommend that you stop thinking and just trust your instincts. Do it now without hesitations you will not regret your decision. You will be better for having worked with him. 🙏🏼


I had the absolute pleasure of working with Ben and Anna at the Reconnect and Reflect retreat in Magnetic Island. I can not express enough the appreciation and gratitude I feel for these guys, the way they held us, the information they imparted and the friendships that were created in this space of growth and rebirth. I am very much looking forward to my next retreat with Ben and Anna and if you feel the call to do something for yourself, then I highly recommend a retreat with these guys

Had a wonderful retreat day taking time out for myself and getting back into the practice of yoga and meditation. Although I’ve spent a lot of time doing many courses etc on these topics , Ben offered so much content and value packed into the day. The energy was amazing and the content flowed beautifully. Looking forward to the next one 🙌💜
I have been on this journey with Ben for almost a year now and he has made me feel totally comfortable to express my vulnerabilities without judgement and has also allowed me to step into confidence with ease. He has been so supportive and fun over my 8 days of NLP training and he continues to be of support after your training. His energy is the reason why I keep coming back for more!!! This is just the beginning.

Recently had the pleasure of attending Ben’s 2020 vision workshop together with Kerryn and Greg Barwick. Such incredible leaders and guides! So extremely grateful to begin the journey of growth with all three of these amazing people and cannot recommend more highly! Ben you’re an inspiration! Thanks for keeping it real! Looking forward to continuing my journey with you through Mastering Manifestation in the new year and then NLP Practitioner 🙏


I have just completed my NLP Timeline therapy and Hypnosis practitioners course through Empowered Academy. I am so impressed by quality and ethical standards of this company and its leader Ben Clarke that before the course was over I not only signed up to do my masters but 3 other courses as well. Ben genuinely cares about your success in helping people that he goes above and beyond to help you navigate the world of coaching. I am so greatfull for his continued support and look forward to the next full year of self development. Thank you my friend.